...and Add a Pinch of 'LIFE'.

I have gotten myself into some really great habits recently of incorporating my fermented foods into my daily life, eating them at almost every meal, and let me tell you, I can tell the difference! When I am consistently eating live cultured foods, full of little living microorganisms, I feel alive; I think there is definitely a correlation there. 

A brilliant friend of mine, Gina Primavera, just wrote a blog post entitled "Your body is NOT a trash can"  and her thoughts really got me fired up about food, and life and how its all connected. I really love to think of food as a catalyst for change in a persons life. If someone is feeling, yucky, slow, unfulfilled, drained, I can almost guarantee that is exactly what the food they are eating is doing to their body. Other than breathing and thinking, eating is probably the next thing that all human beings do on a consistent daily basis; it would be very naive to think that this daily practice isn't effecting every aspect of our lives. I know if I stopped breathing I would be in trouble or if I only ever inhaled toxic fumes then I'd have a whole host of other issues. It is the same with food, what you are putting in your mouth is affecting you everyday, in more ways that I think we even understand. 

Fermented foods = Life. In particular fermented vegetables. Foods like sauerkraut, kefir, miso, lacto-fermented pickles, etc. are brimming with life, Probiotics. Pro, meaning 'for', Bios, meaning 'life', so fermented probiotic foods, literally are FOR LIFE! They support life, not only your life, but all those wonderful little microorganisms that support our daily bodily functions.  

Add a little life to your daily ritual of eating.



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